If anyone has had chronic neck pain, then you know that removing the cause of the pain is crucial to long-term healing.  Most doctors will treat the symptoms and they will go away for a short period of time, but they will come back sooner or later.  The guy who creates this video is very professional and makes complicated concepts easy to understand.  I went through a stint of neck pain for about 4 months last year and I was willing to try anything to get better.  I underwent physical theraphy, pain killers, muscle relaxers, etc but I never really did find out what it was.

The way that I tackled this problem was to make sure that I had no more muscle imbanlances.  I quickly learn that neck pain is not usually actually in your neck.  It could be tight traps or just about anything.  To remove the pain you must remove the forward head posture by increasing the strenghth in you back and the FRONT of your neck so the current ailing muscles can get some relief.  Hope this helps some of you out…..neck pain is hard to deal with!